My Dog Athena

I got Athena in July, from a farmer hippie that didn’t want her anymore. She was the cutest puppy ever, an Australian shepherd mix. She has black fur with a white belly and is adorable. First she was a little scared of me, but once we got over that she’s really playful. She’s not my first dog, but she’s the first d0g’s that’s truly mine, if that made sense. All my other dogs were more my dad’s pet than my own, and because of that me and Athena has a bond I’ve never had with an animal. I love her.

Camp Hanes

I woke up at 4 in the morning, on Thursday September 29, ready for my first overnight trip to Camp Hanes. It was my first time sleeping away from home. I was really excited – I’ll have a sleepover in the mountains in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

I got on the bus and it began to roar – 6th’s grade’s adventure’s starting. The whole ride was a blur of trading snacks, braiding hair, and penguin movies. Someone threw a bag of starbursts. I slept a little. And then, we were there. 

First, we arrived at a big room while the counselors introduced themselves. Then we played some games like four corners and this other one where you try to not repeat your moves. After that, we arrived at our cabins and were put in teams. The cabin’s wooden with bunk beds and a bathroom with showers. I was on the top bunk, which was what I was hoping for. I was also put on team 2, which turned out to be not the best because I’ll have to miss the hike. Anyway, I did a lot of things that day ; volleyball, tetherball, rock climbing, team building, canoeing, archery, and campfire with s’mores. I got to do them with my friend, because we were on the same team, which made it even better. 

Canoeing was one of my favorites. Me and a friend got on the canoe, and put on life jackets. We started to row with our paddles against the water and wind. The view was beautiful – a greenish blue lake with forest green trees. The sun was setting and sparkles across the water. It was peaceful but fun. Campfire is another favorite. We sat there around the fire while the counselors acted out funny skits. After, we got up team by team to make our s’mores and roast marshmallows. Mine caught on fire and I panicked a little, but it was good nonetheless. Overall, we did a lot of activities in Camp Hanes, and I loved all of them.

All in all, Camp Hanes was a great experience. I had fun and had my first night away from home ever. In conclusion, I’m very grateful for Camp Hanes.

Zoe’s Backpack

Durham Academy’s summer reading for rising 6th graders include the book “Finding Someplace” by Denise Lewis Patrick. It’s a book about a girl who lived through Hurricane Katrina. In one scene, she had to pack for a trip away from her home. Reesie was aware that she can only bring what she could fit in a backpack, and that she needs to bring all the things she needs to survive. She packed things that she thought were most important for her and her family. 

If I was ever in Reesie’s shoes, here are the things I would take in my backpack. I’ll bring dad’s wallet, so we would still have money to salvage what we’ve lost. My phone, for communication to the outside world and for me to watch TikTok’s to make myself feel better. My water bottle and some food, because grocery stores are probably not accessible in a flood. Our house key, in case our house isn’t extremely damaged and we need to return home. Passports and our IDs, because they’re proof of my identity. I’d also try my best to find Athena, my dog, because I love her. Realistically though, I probably wouldn’t be calm enough to check them off a list. However, Reesie didn’t panic and tried her best. Plus, the fact that she didn’t have a breakdown is amazing. So hopefully if I was ever in a calamity, I could be like her.